• Czech Technical University in Prague

    The research activities of the Intelligent and Mobile Robotics Group (IMR), representing the Czech Technical University in Prague within CAFR, are driven by an overall goal to research, investigate and build truly intelligent autonomous mobile robots to elaborate autonomous systems, that are ready to operate in real, every-day and human-oriented indoor and outdoor environments, over long periods of time.


    Head of the IMR Group:
    Libor Preucil
    Phone: +420 224 354 183 Email: libor.preucil@cvut.cz
    Evropska 11, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic
    Web: http://imr.ciirc.cvut.cz

  • Brno University of Technology

    The Laboratory of Telepresence and Robotics (LROB), as a part of the CEITEC, focuses on the research and development of advanced field mobile robotic systems for the military and non-military use and biomedical engineering. The main aim is the development of technologies, devices and systems that may be quickly and practically deployed. The group has strong connections to several industrial partners, as well as government subjects that use both, the research results and the developed devices. The Laboratory of Telepresence and Robotics is able to develop cybernetic devices fulfilling MIL-STD tests, including environmental, EMC, operational, and special tests.


    Head of the LROB:
    Ludek Zalud
    Phone: +420 541 143 641 Email: zalud@feec.vutbr.cz
    Address: Antoninska 548/1, Brno 601 90, Czech Republic

  • VOP CZ

    VOP CZ, s.p. has strong position of an integrator and supplier of modern defence&security equipment and systems and engineering production for civilian purposes on market of welded components and assemblies. In the research and development we deal with new products of military and civilian equipment. Our developers are among the elite in their fields and are involved in many projects in cooperation with other domestic and foreign experts. In the field of development we co-operate with the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the National Security Agency, the Association of Defence and Security Industry, NATO, EDA and other organizations.


    Director of Research and Development: Pavel Mikunda
    Phone: +420 556 783 202, E-mail: mikunda.p@vop.cz
    Address: Dukelska 102, 742 42 Senov u Noveho Jicina, Czech Republic
    Web: http://www.vop.cz/

  • VŠB-Technical University Ostrava

    Department of Robotics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VŠB – Technical University Ostrava. Since its establishment in 1989, the Department of Robotics has been focusing on the complex field of robotics - in education, research and science and expert services for practice. According to the current trends the department members concentrate also on the service robotics and robototechnics and on application of robots in non-machinery branches. The department deals with problems related to detection and emergency robots for rescuers, firemen and pyrotechnists. This research is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and many of the prominent companies.


    Head of Department: Petr Novák
    +420 597 323 595 Email: petr.novak@vsb.cz
    Address: 17. listopadu 15, 708 33 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic
    Web: www.robot.vsb.cz/en

  • University of Defence


    Head of Department Deputy: Jan Mazal
    Phone: +420 973 443 311 Email: jan.mazal@unob.cz
    Address: Kounicova 65, 662 10 Brno, Czech Republic
    Web: www.unob.cz/en