Utilization of the Oculus Rift HMD in Mobile Robot Teleoperation

A new system was developed – a virtual operator station. The mobile robot operator wearing the HMD Oculus Rift is

put to a black virtual room and can look around by head movements.



Project´s description

The virtual room contains several 3D objects,

primarily rectangular planes with various data.


The biggest rectangle is a virtual screen plane with

images of the stereovision cameras. The screens on

left and right sides display pictures from a

secondary (rear) camera and from a thermo vision

camera. Right in front is rendered a 3D model of the

mobile robot with the arm at the real actual

position. Additional necessary data about the robot

are displayed below the smaller camera images on

both sides, using clear visual representations (icons,

symbols). Important icons can be also displayed

over the camera image.

Data sheet